Sunday, November 29, 2009

What An Awesome Thanksgiving!

It was just alittle bit different from last year...LOL! Last year wasn't a very good time of the year for us, we decided to go away this Thanksgiving to just be together as a family and concentrate on what we as a family are grateful for.

We went down to The Homestead in Midway, Utah and it was so much fun to just hang out, no real plans, and just do spur of the moment thing.

We went swimming, fishing, and for walks. There were deer everywhere and wild turkey's. We had a wonderful dinner on Thanksgiving day at Fanny's Grill at the Homestead.
Here are some pictures:
Craig hates his picture taken, so we take every advantage to snap one! ROFL
This is Christopher reading. A vampire book! I mean really come on...vampires????
This is kind of funny. Of all the deer we saw during our trip, this is the only picture we took of one and it was up in Coalville, which is a ways away from Midway. Janette took it as we were driving. We weren't even sure she got a good one until we looked at it. We thought it would be all blurry. Probably not funny to you, I guess you had to be there!!! LOL
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday!