Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Any ideas from anyone for good books to read for our book group?

We need help finding good quality books with good writing and a few to throw in there that might just be a little but brainless just for fun books for those busy months.
Send any book names you might have.....we might or might not use them but we are running out of ideas.

Come on Pam, I know you like to read when you can get the chance......
My all-time favorite book is Sacajaweja, but it is long for me it was a quick read but for some it could be a difficult slow read.
I read a ton maybe 3 to 4 books a week. But they are usually quick reads, like mysteries or autobiographies, comtemporary fiction, with a little love thrown in. I mean I like the idea of love but I don't want it spelled out in detail for me.
So come on all you friends and bloggers and family....load me up with book ideas PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! come on it is really sad for a grown woman to be beggin'

Friday, November 14, 2008

Can I Run Away? My Kid's Always Say They Are....

You ever have a week or month that you just need to escape from? I need an escape. A runaway if you will. Someplace quiet, serene, no kids, just me and my laptop (scrapbooking), with no interruptions. Lots of water to drink and fruit and cheese and crackers to eat. Am I being selfish....Damn Straight!...I mother needs to take care of herself as well as the family!!!!

Oh well, I will keep dreaming!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oops Another One Down....

The Happy Couple! he he he

Christopher's Christmas Stocking

Nettie's Cute Frankenstein

Okay so I get this call from the Junior High last Wednesday; and I was thinking Chris is in trouble and finally beat up the kids who tease him for being a "big" kid. But I hear "Chris has fallen and hurt his ankle can you come get him. {If you saw my blog earlier about Janette.....I was on my way out the door to take her to a doctor appointment for her injured knee} So I called Craig and said "You need to go pick up Chris at school he is hurt." We were thinking sprained ankle and kept it iced and kept him loaded up with Motrin. Well he couldn't even walk at all. All weekend he was in bed and didn't move. So Monday we got an emergency doctor appt. and took him in and yes......it was fractured, torn ligaments, chipped ankle bone, severe ankle sprain, etc, etc.....So here is Chris in his cast, and Nettie in her knee brace. Aren't they a cute couple!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking......

I am finally getting the hang of it!

Photoshop Elements 7 sure was difficult for me to pick up for some reason. Which isn't like me at all. I am usually really good at figuring out this kind of stuff. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn.

A big shout out and Thank You to Summer at http://summertimedesigns.blogspot.com/ for the free scrapbooking kits. She makes beautiful papers and embellishments. Plus she is just a very generous and caring soul.

So here is a page I did it is just my practice page, there are a few mistakes I haven't figured out how to fix yet, but am working on them. Thank heaven's for the help button.

Just having fun....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craig's new blog

Isn't he so cute! How can you resist?
Hey if you get the chance visit Craig's blog...

He will be adding lots of funny fishing and family stories and pictures; so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good News Sunday!

Well, other than I caught Cameron's cold and I feel like my chest has been run over by a steamroller.

I recieved some great news today for my family. Lori (case worker) on my brother's murder trial called and told us the the man who is the one accused of killing my brother, gave in and finally pleaded guilty. So we don't have to have a long, drawn out trial after all. I guess when his lawyer saw all the evidence against him and all the witnesses they have, they decided it was in his best interest not to fight us anymore.

So, he will be sentenced for 10 to 16 years with no early parole.

Now, maybe my mom can be at peace and let go of all the stress.

We love you Clint!