Monday, August 24, 2009

Down and Out...

My silly kids...are they hilarious or what?
I am a little bit depressed that school started and my kids are gone during the day, we had such a fun summer. But I do have the little boys now to help me along.

Craig will be home in a few days and hopefully things will get back to normal...

I tell you, he leaves and everything goes to hell...excuse my language!!

My Explorer broke down and my neighbor came and helped me home, but now the darn hood won't close, so I had to drive 20 mph home from the east side of Layton...That was fun...NOT!!

Then I got a call and found out a really good friend's husband passed away suddenly and I am so worried about her being all alone in that big house by herself.

My DSL modem isn't working properly, and I want to throw it across the room!!!

Christopher had his first football game and hurt his knee and was out for the count!!! UUgghh!

But then I think of my dear friend and realize all of my problems are miniscule, compared to others. So I am done being negative and venting is good for the soul and I feel better and if you are reading this...well...too bad!!! LOL



lisa said...

I'm sorry Jodi. It's true-all things to to 'pot' when the husband leaves! Do you need help with anything?? I love nettie with facial hair--so hot!! :)

Janette said...

Why, thank you, Lisa! I always thought I looked rather manish. LOL jk

pamela said...

it's a true test of character jodi!